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A 5×10 storage unit (50 square feet or 400 cubic feet) will hold some furniture such as a couch, chair, chest or dresser, mattress plus boxes or small items. It is comparable to a large walk-in closet. This size storage unit is appropriate for outdoor furniture, one or more bicycles and/ or a motorcycle, garden tools and small items.A 10×10 storage unit is the size of an average bedroom. This space will hold the furnishings of a one bedroom apartment, including appliances, and several small items such as bags or boxes. It is about half the size of a standard one car garage.The next step up from a 10×10 unit is a 10×15 unit and is equal to 150 square feet or 1200 cubic feet. A 10×15 storage unit is the size of a large bedroom or small garage. It is capable of holding the furnishings of a two bedroom apartment.

A 10×20 storage unit is the size of a one car garage or average living room. The 10×20 unit has 200 square feet or 1600 cubic feet. This space will hold the furnishings of a two bedroom house with appliances, plus miscellaneous items. This size storage unit is appropriate for storing vehicles, jet skis, snowmobiles, trailers and a few other items.

A 10×30 storage unit is about the size of a deluxe or one-and-a-half car garage. The space measures out to be 300 square feet or 2400 cubic feet. It can hold the furnishings of a three bedroom house, including boxes. You could say it can hold the contents of a 40 foot truck. You may also store a car, boat, truck or van along with some furniture or other large items.

The average height of self storage units is 10 to 12 1/2 feet.

The doors at Safeguard Storage are 9 feet wide and 8 feet tall. On the 5X10 units the doors are 4 feet wide and 8 feet high.

Store the furnishings of one or two bedrooms in a mid-size unit. This unit is also the perfect size for extra business inventory or office equipment.

The 10’x10′ holds an entire family room of furniture or the contents of two full bedrooms. It can also fit an entire office, including a desk, chairs, computer, lamps and shelves.

One of our larger units can accommodate the three-bedroom belongings of a growing family.

Store the contents of a 5-bedroom house, or five years worth of business files, in one of our larger, more spacious units.

The 10’x30′ provides enough storage space for a 7-bedroom house, a grand piano, or a year’s worth of business inventory.

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